In Pontault-Combault and Roissy-en-Brie, schools reopen this Monday for more than 1,300 children

The Pontault-Combault and Roissy-en-Brie schools reopen this Monday morning, eleven days after the other main cities in the department. Gilles Bord (PS) and François Bouchart (DVD), the respective mayors of the two neighboring municipalities, both felt that the conditions were not met to reopen them on May 14. This is now the case.

In Pontault, where the children of priority staff were already welcomed at two sites – Aimé-Césaire and Marginéa schools – during confinement, all 21 municipal schools will first open this Monday to large sections of kindergarten, CP and of CM2. With an even more limited staff than the National Education demands.

The reception solution will be adjusted day by day in Pontault

Children will therefore be no more than 10 per class in elementary school and no more than 7 per class in kindergarten. They will be 540 in total. On June 2, all other levels will return to their classes, still in limited numbers.

They will then be close to 1,500, depending on the number of teachers present, compared to 4,500 in normal times. They will always be the children of priority staff at first.

“These children will not be brewed with the others, specifies Gilles Bord. And if we have more requests than reception possibilities, we will set up a work-study system. It will adjust from day to day. We do the best. “

The schools have been fitted out accordingly: beacons, traffic directions, distance, hydroalcoholic gel … “We have opened new outings, when possible, to prevent the public from crossing paths,” continues the mayor. In the canteens, the children will eat class by class. Everything will be disinfected before and after meals, like sanitary facilities and classrooms. The personnel have all received very strict protocols according to their profession. “

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In Roissy, the classes disinfected using a nebulizer

In Roissy-en-Brie, all levels must enter this Monday in the 13 schools in the city. Eight hundred children will return to their classes, against the usual 3,000. Each school was equipped with hydroalcoholic gel, multiple beacons and a nebulizer to disinfect the classrooms. It is a mobile electrical disinfection device used to transform the disinfection liquid into a cloud of extremely fine particles the size of which is only a few microns. It will operate in the absence of children in the rooms.

“The children will be less than 13 per class in elementary school and less than 8 per class in kindergarten,” says François Bouchart. Back to school will be alternated, with one class per quarter of an hour. There is still demand, with parents in real need to return to work and a daycare solution for their children. “

As in Pontault, the children going to school in Roissy will not necessarily find their teachers this year.

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