In pictures, millions gathered to bid farewell to the body of Argentine legend Maradona

Millions of legend fans flocked to the ball ArgentinaY Diego Armando MaradonaToday, Thursday, at the presidential palace in the capital ArgentinaYeh Buenos AiresTo bid farewell to the star ArgentinaY, who died on Wednesday from a cardiac arrest, at his home, at the age of 60.

A large number of lovers gathered MaradonaIn front of the Presidential Palace, since Thursday morning, in order to attend the funeral of the football legend, and the area surrounding the presidential palace was crowded with the masses who insisted on bidding farewell to one of the prominent tango dancers who raised the name of the ball ArgentinaHigh.

The player who scored a goal known as “The Hand of God” in 1986 and led his country to the stars by winning the World Cup, left this world precisely after suffering a heart attack that was the conclusion of a poor health condition exhausted by drug addiction and obesity.

Then Diego died Maradona Two weeks after leaving a hospital in Buenos Aires after a brain operation.

And the authorities announced ArgentinaEnd of national mourning for three days, as the football association in this country expressed its deep sadness at the loss Maradona.

The star, who celebrated his 60th birthday last month, told a French sports magazine that he dreams of scoring another goal against England, but “with the right hand this time.”

The ball legend died MaradonaAfter about two weeks, after undergoing brain surgery, after suffering a hemorrhage, as it was the last health battles that the tango star fought, before his departure from life.

The soccer legend was born on October 30, 1960 in the capital ArgentinaBuenos Aires, and began his football career as a player in Argentinos Juniors in 1976.



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