In Paimpol, donations drop during blood collection – Paimpol

Monday afternoon, at the village hall of Paimpol, the first blood drive of the year 2021 took place. Donations are down. This Monday, 118 people had made an appointment and 110 showed up.

Jean-Marc Chaussis, interim president of the Association of voluntary blood donors of Goëlo (following the disappearance of his wife) explains that an elective general assembly in times of covid is far too complicated to set up. “I enlisted the services of Gisèle Le Louédec as secretary,” he explains. In terms of figures, he takes stock: “In 2019, we had 885 people who came forward, including 71 new ones; in 2020, we drop to 736 with 42 news. I sincerely hope that in 2021 people will realize the importance of donations. Current reserves are at their lowest, there is a real lack ”.

The testimony of Louis, Margot and Maud

A glimmer of hope all the same. Young people get involved like Louis, Margot and Maud, from the private high school Kersa. All three are students in merchant marine preparation and are not at all afraid of the needle. For Louis, “this is his sixth gift and that’s normal”. Margot never had any anguish either. As for Maud, she has a very specific reason for coming to donate blood. Her mom was saved from a serious illness thanks to a blood transfusion a few years ago. All three insist: “Coming to donate blood is simple and we help save lives”.

Practical: the next collection will take place on Thursday, May 6. Make an appointment on the website of the French blood establishment.

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