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The day before yesterday, a friend sent me a box of organic peaches, which are really sweet and delicious. After LINE asked where to buy it, I lost an agricultural e-commerce website, but this is not a simple link, but an invitation link generated by the website. There are two sentences on it: 1. Join now to get 100 points2 .Invite friends to get another 100 points.

From a marketing point of view, this is really amazing. First of all, my friend didn’t push me hard, but I asked where to buy this peach. After getting the purchase link, the invitation link immediately loses the incentive to give points for registration, and invite friends to give points again. Under the motive of making money without spending money on registration, just register like this.

However, during the registration process, it is generally very troublesome to fill in a lot of information. Even if you can log in through Google/Facebook, it is difficult to automatically import the information of LINE’s built-in browsers G and F, and users often give up in this section. , so it is necessary to register and log in through the “LINE account” to be able to register successfully without pain.

Not only did they register an e-commerce account, but users also joined the official LINE account. These behaviors are feared that the users who have finally joined will not be able to meet them in the future, so the LINE account, Email and mobile phone must be obtained, so that other products can be recommended to you in the future.

Last but not least, if you haven’t bought peach yet, the e-commerce platform will continue to remind you that peach is delicious in the process of browsing news on different news websites. When the peach comes back, use the points you earn to buy peaches.

What digital tools did you use to get you to buy a peach?

  • E-commerce platform service with point function: such as Metris store opening platform
  • Services with invitations to join the platform
  • The e-commerce platform can directly connect to LINE to log in and join the LINE account
  • There must be a push advertising platform service that links user footprints (including clicking on cookies), such as the AvividAI recommendation engine of Heduo Mobile (How Woduo Mobile makes e-commerce marketing more accurate through data transparency

One more time to rationalize the digital footprint of consumers:

  1. The consumer’s friend recommends to the consumer a link to sell delicious peach through LINE (or the consumer’s friend obtains the link)
  2. The sales link must be in the native LINE style, with points available for registration, to attract consumers to register and purchase
  3. When consumers register, they must “log in through LINE”, so that there will be no problem of poor registration experience caused by the built-in browser of LINE
  4. Invite consumers to join the official LINE account during the registration process
  5. Get points immediately after registration, and tell consumers to invite friends to join and get more points
  6. If consumers have not bought peaches, push advertisements to consumers through remarketing

For the above marketing process, some consumers feel disturbed, but in fact, consumers also benefit from it. The key to whether they will be disturbed is not a lot of advertisements, but the advertisements that are “not relevant to me” pushed to me. Recently, it is the period when peaches are delicious. A little more advertisements for peaches are actually quite good for me.

▲The original LINE invitation link is better than the pure URL

16:44 is mentioned in the photo 1. Items requiring access, personal files (necessary information), including screenshots, verification, mobile applications, computer applications, online

▲Log in and go through the LINE login process, which is convenient for consumers to log in without jumping away.

▲ During the registration process, you are invited to join the official account by the way.

▲Not only registration, but also points to attract consumers to fill out the complete membership information.

16:47 is mentioned in the photo 1. Professional Farming Strict Selection Mall - Origin Table, Fine...,, related to the daily table, including web pages, graphics, fonts, trademarks, web pages

▲If you want to buy peaches cheaper, invite friends to join and register to get new points.

Chrome is mentioned in the photo https://www.farmingtw... ^,[Early Access]Professional Nonglishan Peach Gift Box, Lishan Peach has a later production period than Lala Peach, so it is called July Peach, and altitude.., is related to the daily table, including natural food, fruit, nectarine, apple, fruit

▲If you are hesitant in the end, use webpage push advertisements for remarketing promotion.

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