«In order not to stop society and the economy, an effort has to be made. If you need to rethink Christmas »- Executive Digest

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, called this Friday on a visit to a school in Braga, that the population “make an effort” to comply with the security measures imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the inauguration of the «Novas Salas» project, the official said: «There is an effort here that people have to make so that the measures that may be adopted, are truly fulfilled», he says saying that «it is fundamental».

«In order not to stop society and the economy, which none of us wants, in order not to increase unemployment, it is necessary to make an effort in the coexistence between people and to think about what that means», says Marcelo. «It is necessary to rethink Christmas as a family, rethinking, it cannot be with 50, 40, 30, people are divided», he adds.

The President continues his appeal: “It is necessary to rethink programs that we have with friends or social life, we need to take extra precaution in this period of risk, that we are coming and going to live, we are going to make this effort and so we are making external evolution easier ”.

When asked about the application of possible measures to contain the pandemic, Marcelo indicates that the Government is working in this direction, but “there is no point in taking measures if people do not take the situation seriously”, he adds, adding: “It is not dramatizing excessively but it is not to de-dramatize a situation that is worrying ».

“We are aware that this may not be a day, not a week, but weeks or months,” said Marcelo, showing clear concern for the state of the country, at a time when the barrier of a thousand cases per day was again overcome.

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