In order not to have hemorrhoids.. Don’t make this dangerous habit in the mother-in-law

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Tuesday 29 November 2022

Did you know that there is a dangerous habit that you could get into while on the toilet that has serious health consequences and threatens hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding.

British health and wellness expert Dr Stephanie Taylor has warned against sitting on the toilet seat for long periods of time, as the average person spends an average of three and a half hours a week on the toilet, and this may not be the case. ideal for your health.

The British expert confirmed that you may enjoy sitting on the toilet to read the newspaper or browse social media, but this could damage your rectum.

The expert explained that spending a lot of time in the bathroom can cause hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding.

“When you sit there, and the anus is at a different level than the rest of the lower half, this puts extra pressure on the veins in the lower rectum, and this can eventually lead to hemorrhoids which can be uncomfortable and lead to rectal bleeding.” ,” she said.

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

“Hemorrhoids can be identified by signs such as bright red blood on toilet paper after wiping or on the toilet bowl,” Taylor said. Perianal irritation is another symptom. Another sign, she noted, was “discomfort when passing stool or a lump of skin protruding through the anus (internal hemorrhoids).”

How to avoid hemorrhoids

The answer is simple, spend less time in the bathroom. Taylor advises avoiding sitting on the toilet for too long at a time, but he does sit as long as you feel the urge to go, and if nothing happens, get up and do something else.

According to one study, it should only take five minutes for your bowels to open, and if you’ve sat for more than 15 minutes without a bowel movement, that could indicate you’re constipated.

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