In New York, the rich spend a fortune on express tests

Published on 09/03/2020 at 10:35 p.m.

Updated 09/17/2020 at 12:16 am


In France, as in the United States, it can take several days to get the results of a coronavirus test. Up to two weeks even in New York. Still, some have found a method to get results in less than 24 hours, says the New York Times. The wealthiest people do not hesitate to bypass the waiting times imposed on the general public. They then spend substantial sums to benefit from specific services.

Several options are available to those for whom money is not an issue. Concierge services specializing in the medical field offer quick results in exchange for a membership costing several thousand dollars per year. Other small laboratories, which have the necessary equipment to perform a test, seem to have found a lucrative market there. “We have already tested 12 billionaires,” explains the head of the company Infinity BiologiX, which has developed a saliva test model.

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Up to $ 500

The situation does not only affect individuals, but also businesses and even schools, banks or even film studios who do not hesitate to contact laboratories directly by bypassing the classic medical system. Doctors can charge up to $ 200 for a test result within 24 hours. Channels that also make it possible to avoid queues. 20 Minutes also explains that rapid tests can be used to party! In the Hamptons, where the New York elite has confined themselves, tests can cost $ 500. If the response is available within 30 minutes, however, these are serological tests, often considered less reliable than PCR tests.

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While the majority of the population must show great patience, this inequality could nevertheless be brought to be reduced. As the American daily notes, several rapid tests have recently been approved, but they have not yet been made widely available. A health issue while specialists believe that too long a delay in the results of the tests can harm their interest in controlling the epidemic.

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