In New York, the painters Klimt and Hundertwasser in digital “immersion”

After Paris, Dubai and Seoul, an art center that projects works by Austrian painters opens this Wednesday in a century-old historic building in Manhattan, to attract, according to its designers, the younger generation to these “21st century museums”.

After the Atelier des Lumières in Paris, the Infinity des Lumières in Dubai or the Bassin des Lumières in Bordeaux, a new digital art center called Hall des Lumières opens its doors on Wednesday in the magnificent setting of a former bank in the Tribeca district of Manhattan, a repository for early Irish emigrants in the late 19th centuryAnd and the beginning of the twentiethAnd centuries.

For the president of the French private company Culturespaces, Bruno Monnier, these digital art centers that his company opens in the four corners of the planet are “Museums of the 21st century” hypothetical “Attracts millennials, young people and all those who do not go to museums” classics, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The financial and tourist megalopolis of nine million souls therefore gives way to international fashion for “immersive” digital exhibitions: from Wednesday and for nine months, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the works of the master of symbolist painting of the Art Nouveau and Viennese Secession movements, Gustav Klimt (1862-1918), and Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000), painter and architect of modern art, also Austrian.

Total immersion

In the dark, accompanied by classical music and electronic sounds, Klimt’s masterpieces – such as the famous Kiss or The three ages of women – are projected on the walls, pillars, ceilings and on the 3,000 m ground2 of the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank, an early 20th century building in French Beaux-Arts architectural style, which also gave rise to the monumental Grand Central Station in the heart of Manhattan.

The Hall of Lights of Culturespaces and its American partners will rent the former New York bank building, a centuries-old building classified as a historic monument, for ten years, Bruno Monnier told AFP.

In New York, where residential and office property prices are among the highest on the planet, Culturespaces has partnered with the international entertainment and events group IMG. For its CEO Stephen Flint Wood, digital art centers are “A great way to bring people closer to the arts and are very complementary with the great museums and galleries of New York. And to advise future visitors: “You can come here, in this atmosphere of total immersion, and then go to a museum to see some of these paintings.”

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