In New York, the Francophone music festival attracts despite the rain

Published on : 22/06/2022 – 07:44

Music Day 2022 was celebrated in the United States, where it has been a tradition for some years. In New York, a free concert was organized by the Alliance française: a 100% French poster which attracted a few hundred people despite the rain.

From our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki

In New York, the sky was far from blue, but from the first notes of disco funk, the duo Bon Entendeur got the crowd dancing, many to celebrate the music in the heart of Central Park. ” We came especially from Philadelphia to New York. It’s nice “says a young woman, while another spectator adds:” It’s raining, but we’re still happy to be here! It’s fun! »

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the music festival in Central Park is a pleasure for spectators, but also a dream for Bon Entendeur, says Pierre Della Monica, musician of the French group. ” Being here is always impressive and incredible. And it’s true that we also have the chance to do it with the Alliance française for the 40th anniversary of the music festival. It’s an accumulation of too stylish facts, and we’ve just been on a little cloud for 24 hours! »

A feeling shared by MC Solaar, the pioneer of French rap, guest star of the concert. ” For me it’s special because I’ve been to New York many times. I played in slightly different contexts. It was the era of hip hop, where we would arrive with a DJ and play with the local bandmates. It always does something and then the place is symbolic, it’s the land of my music since I generally do jazz rap or rap. »

On stage, there was also the group from Nice Hyphen Hyphen, whose energy conquered both French and American audiences.

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