In New York, snow covers everything, the proof with this hypnotic timelapse

UNITED STATES – It’s hard to get away from this fascinating spectacle. A New Yorker filmed the moment his minifigures disappeared under the snow during the winter storm that hit on the east coast of the country between December 16 and 17, as shown in the video at the top of the article.

As the snowstorm approached, which lasted just over two days, Ron Murphy came up with the idea of ​​having four cameras filming his figures of “baby Yoda”, Godzilla and other fictional characters on the balcony of his house in the Apalachin area, northwest of New York State.

The goal? See how far the snow would rise on his balcony.

He added to this original scene a luminous tree, a ruler and two clocks in the background to indicate the height of the snow and the time it would take to cover the figurines. Except that she did a lot more than that.

After a timelapse that lasted from the afternoon of December 16 until the morning of December 17, the snow rose above the clocks and barriers delimiting the New Yorker’s balcony.

Storm Snow that hit the United States this week has moved up several east coast states up from Virginia and North Carolina with a mix of snow, freezing rain and winds at 80 km / h in places.

In particular, it immobilized transport in several large cities and caused ice on the roads and power cuts in certain countryside.

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