In New York, hundreds of people without masks gathered against the closure of a bar that remained open

Hundreds of people gathered outside a bar on Staten Island, New York. These customers were protesting this Thursday with American flags against the arrest of the director of Mac’s Public House the day before. He had refused to close his establishment despite restrictions linked to the pandemic of Covid-19. Glued to each other, the protesters, many of whom were unmasked, did not respect social distancing.

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New York Sheriff’s officers guarded the front door of Mac’s Public House owned by Keith McAlarney, to prevent protesters from entering.America is on the move for Thanksgiving. The virus too

New record reached

Earlier in the day, they had also watched the bar door all day, making sure people weren’t trying to eat and drink inside.

No arrests were orchestrated during this demonstration.

With 2,731 new deaths recorded on Wednesday, the United States has reached a record number of deaths since April. The Covid-19 has already claimed the lives of at least 273,000 Americans.

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