In New York, a bakery launches mini “cereal croissants”

New York, une boulangerie lance les mini "croissants céréales"" itemprop="name description"/>

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Gautier and Ashley Coiffard are the owners of the L’Appartement 4F bakery, located in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of New York.

They sell bread, pastries, as well as their great specialty: cereal croissants.

New Yorkers line up every day to buy a $50 (C$67) box.

“Basically, it’s the same dough we have for our croissants. So that’s already two or three days to make the croissant dough, explains Gautier Coiffard. It’s rolled, it’s like a classic croissant. Then we flatten it very finely, we roll the mini croissants one by one. It takes hours. Then we cook them, we add sugar, and then we dehydrate them. It’s been about two days plus a classic croissant. »

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