Home Entertainment In new pictures, Alla Pugacheva looks younger than Maxim Galkin

In new pictures, Alla Pugacheva looks younger than Maxim Galkin

Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva

The picture shared by the husband of 70-year-old Alla Pugacheva caused delight among subscribers – in the photo Maxim Galkin poses in the company of Primadonna and the twins Lisa and Harry. Under the publication, the comedian noted that in such a family composition they visited the cinema. About what movie the star couple went to, is silent, but this question does not really concern fans.

The audience literally strewed compliments to the actress, who always looks like a needle. According to subscribers, Alla Borisovna does not look like a typical Russian pensioner – she follows fashion trends and loves stylish accessories. Some noted that the prima donna seems much younger than the 43-year-old Galkin. “Alla Borisovna is chic as always”; “Allochka, you look younger than Maxim”; “Alla Borisovna is not getting old at all,” commented admiring admirers of the star’s talent.

A similar reaction caused another photo, which was previously shown by the showman. Then Galkin shared the shot from a Christmas dinner with friends, where the slimmed Primadonna dressed in fitted pants and a black sweater with lowered shoulders.

The magnificent hairstyle of the star complemented the stylish festive look. So, subscribers attacked Galkin’s microblogging with questions about his wife. In particular, fans wanted to learn the secrets of the beauty of the Primadonna, who in her years looks like a middle-aged woman.

Alla Pugacheva met Christmas with the Dotsman family

Alla Pugacheva met Christmas with the Dotsman family

The singer herself never hid the fact that she had repeatedly resorted to the help of plastic surgeons both in Russia and abroad. In addition, Pugacheva closely monitors not only the appearance, but also the state of health. Alla Borisovna wants to have time to devote as much time as possible to the children, therefore she regularly visits doctors and urgently follows their instructions. They say that for the sake of this, the Primadonna even abandoned a long-standing bad habit and quit smoking.

Pugacheva: “Tell me:” Alla, just live. “

Recall that in honor of the anniversary last year, Pugacheva gave two big concerts in Moscow and Minsk. After the show, the artist admitted that now she will not soon enter the stage. Alla Borisovna promised to think about the next large-scale speech not earlier than in ten years.

Photo: Legion-Media, Instagram



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