In Minnesota, Biden criticizes Trump for handling economic problems

MINNEAPOLIS / HERMANTOWN (Reuters) – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Friday criticized the way U.S. President Donald Trump handled the economic woes facing the United States.

Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent both travel to Minnesota where early voting begins before the November 3 poll.

Distanced in the polls, Donald Trump will try to convince the voters of this Midwestern state where the Democrats narrowly won in 2016.

Joe Biden visited a vocational training center in Hermantown, a suburb of Duluth. During this visit, he blamed Donald Trump for his handling of economic problems and the coronavirus epidemic.

“Donald Trump has even given up on pretending to do his job,” Joe Biden said. “He has no plan,” he added.

Donald Trump went to Bemidji, where thousands of people had gathered to attend a speech on the tarmac at the local airport.

He announced he would win in Minnesota thanks to his economic record, highlighting the strength of Minnesota’s economy in 2019, before the coronavirus hit.

Donald Trump also attacked Joe Biden over what he called his “refugee policy”. “Good luck in Minnesota,” he said. “Your state will be invaded and destroyed if Biden and the left-wing radicals win,” he added.

The latest opinion polls suggest a very large victory for Joe Biden who is ahead of the outgoing president by ten points according to RealClear Politics, a political news site that aggregates the results of various studies.

(Julio-Cesar Chavez, Jarrett Renshaw, Joseph Ax, John Whitesides and Simon Lewis; French version Camille Raynaud)

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