In Marseille, a fabulous dive to discover biodiversity

What if true wealth was not made of pounding and stumbling gold coins, but of abundant life? This is somewhat the philosophy of this digital treasure hunt designed with passion by Fabulerie, an association established since 2021 in the heart of Marseille in its Fabulous Museum.. Founded twelve years ago with the objective “ to develop digital and cultural inclusion projects », the association had already welcomed nearly 9,000 children for its first exhibition last year, The Climate Amulet, on the theme of biodiversity and climate change.

Already traveling, nearly 5,000 schoolchildren will take part by June 2023 in this new interactive exhibition entitled alive !destiny “ raise awareness among 5-12 years and the families of the territory, in a playful and poetic way, to the richness of the local natural heritage and to raise awareness of the protection of biodiversity, based on local and national cultural and scientific funds “, indicates the association.

Ordered again by the municipality for ” promote the city’s museum heritage », the exhibition is based on data provided by the Municipal Archives, the Natural History Museum of Marseille and open international funds around biodiversity. ” That represents one of the ambitious uses of open data : open data also serves to bring culture and museum riches to as many people as possible and to the youngest “, argues Christophe Hugon, municipal councilor in charge of transparency, municipal open data, information system and digital technology for the City of Marseille.

Traveling experiment

Invited to cross 4 types of natural environments (on land, under water, underground and in the sky), the public goes in search of the fragile treasures of life, through a journey of puzzles to solve and clues to to regain. From the cycle of trees to the size of seeds and the longevity of animals, the investigation game favors back and forth between digital and physical devices, up to the treasure itself: seeds to bloom in order to feed pollinating insects . ” The objective is that we are not completely absorbed by the screen. Digital is integrated into a whole physical adventure “, specifies the mediator and artist Cléo Duplan. A series of plastic workshop tutorials related to the exhibition, the “Ludoboxes”, is also offered online in order to prepare for or continue the experience, in class or at home.

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« The difficulty was to bring all the young people from the department to the Fabulerie, hence the importance of working on the outward journey »underlines the Regional Academic Delegation for Youth, Engagement and Sports (Drajes), which supports the project. In order to promote its accessibility, the exhibition is thus available in itinerant mode. ” We realized that we had to reach out to the most remote audiences, especially the priority neighborhoods of the city. “, emphasizes Axelle Benaich. Two sites “outside the walls” already hosted the project in May: the Saint-Loup Castel Joli school, (10e) and the Estaque social center (16e). From June 21 to July 2, it will be the turn of the Salim-Hatubou media library (15e) to involve the public in the adventure.

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