In Manabí, the Pfizer vaccine will be applied starting this Thursday, September 2

From Thursday, September 2, 2021, the second doses of Pfizer will be applied again in the 40 vaccination centers in the province of Manabí.

The vaccine from that pharmaceutical company was finished over the weekend, due to the high demand from patients. The Zonal Coordination 4 of Health He pointed out that between Thursday 2 and Sunday 5 September, people who could not do it in the last days of August will be immunized.

That entity reported that this Tuesday, August 31, a cargo with the input to the country and it will be distributed to all the provinces.

On Monday, August 30, several people had to go home from vaccination centers because of a Pfizer shortage. Juliana Maldonado was one of them. “I asked for the day off, with a discount to my holidays, and I was surprised that there was no vaccine “.

In a statement the Zonal Coordination 4 of Health reported that the delay in the application of the vaccine does not interfere with the immunity process.

From January 2021 until the last weekend, 460 164 Pfizer vaccines have been placed, of which 208 449 correspond to second doses. In total, 1 672 445 vaccines have been given in Manabí Astrazeneca, Sinovac, Pzifer and Cansino.

The canton with the most doses is Manta. As of Monday, 376,815 had been placed in the vaccination centers or through the medical brigades, which run through the rural area.

On Portoviejo 350 235 vaccines have been administered. It is expected that on Friday, September 3, the vaccination program of the Technical University of Manabí, because it is expected that from next week the flow of patients will be less since most will have received the second dose.

This week 167,957 people are expected to complete the vaccination schedule in the province, according to the Ministry of Health.

Of those, 31 671 are from Portoviejo. In that canton, the three vaccination centers of the Municipality, located in the Ex-airport Reales Tamarindos and in rural parishes.

The Emergency Operations Committee (COE) of Portoviejo asked the citizenship, that despite being vaccinated, complies with biosafety standards. In that canton, 41 alerts of social gatherings and clandestine parties were registered over the weekend.

In that canton there are four cases of covid-19 a day. Since the pandemic began until Monday, 10,987 infections have occurred. In addition, 28 people contracted covid-19 with Delta variant, but they have already been discharged. However, the brigades continue to detect possible cases and treat them in time.

In Manabí, 33 237 cases of sickness have been reported, between February 2020 and August 2021.

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