In Maine-et-Loire, where is the best baguette and the best croissant in the region? – Angers Info

The Pays de la Loire bakery and pastry federation organized the regional competition for the best croissant and the best baguette, this Monday, October 26, 2020 in Le Mans.

This Monday, October 26, in Le Mans, the Pays de la Loire bakery and pastry federation organized a regional competition for the best croissant and the best traditional baguette, at Le Mans, in the Sarthe region.

The ten best candidates selected during the departmental competitions in Vendée, Loire Atlantique, Sarthe, Mayenne and Maine-et-Loire, faced each other last Monday in the premises of the Apprentice Training Center of the Chamber of Trades.

The challenge ? In six hours, make 30 croissants or 30 traditional baguettes on site.

And it was Léo Paumard from Cantenay-Epinard (Maine-et-Loire) who won the Golden Crescent. Followed closely by Julien Marsal from Le Mans who obtained a Silver Crescent and finally Alexandre Bourmaud, from L’oie en Vendée, who had a bronze Crescent.

Regarding the Baguette d’Or, the Angevin Anthony Gaboriau, from the bakery La Doréenne who wins. The Silver Baguette goes to Vincent Rapin, from the Fleur de Wheat bakery in Le May-sur-Evre (Maine-et-Loire). Finally, the Bronze Baguette goes to Grégory Chauvin, from the Chauvin bakery in Quelaines-St Gault (Mayenne).

However, the six winners will not have the opportunity to defend their title in a national competition this year, indeed, the confinement has caused the cancellation of the competition. The latter will be held next year.

Containment: return of the exceptional travel certificate to travel in Maine-et-Loire

Reconfinement. We have found a site that delimits the “1Km” zone for you to go out and do your sport in Maine-et-Loire!



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