In Madrid they sold it for 1,500 euros: is it Caravaggio?

Even four centuries after his death, Caravaggio always managed to wreak havoc. This time in Madrid. An «Ecce homo», until now attributed to a minor painter, would have been discovered in the Spanish capital: and the State blocked it.

«Repubblica», which raised the case, writes: «At Ansorena, an auction house specializing in antiques, since last March 18, period porcelains, still lifes, portraits of aristocrats, saints and sorrowful madonnas are on display. There is only one lot that, suddenly, disappeared from the official website, but not from the catalog also distributed online. The number 229 was withdrawn just in time to no longer appear in the auction scheduled “at 6pm today. The Spanish state has bound it: once purchased, the work will not be able to leave the borders. But has it been sold? And for what amount?

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