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Now in London, visitors to cafes and restaurants who have finished lunch or dinner will be forced to leave the institution immediately. Reason – coronavirus restrictions

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New quarantine rules, which will take effect in the UK on December 2, will ban Londoners from drinking in pubs and restaurants after they finish eating. About it reports “BBC”.

On December 2, a general lockdown ends in Britain, and the country switches to a local three-tier system of restrictions. London, Liverpool, Kent and several other regions have previously received the second level of epidemic danger. It provides, inter alia, some additional restrictions on the work of catering establishments. In particular, now visitors can no longer come to the establishment just to order alcohol: alcoholic beverages can only be served as part of an order that includes the main course. Staying after meals and ordering alcohol separately will be prohibited. Daily mail confirmsthat catering owners will be required to drive out late guests even if they have not finished their drinks after eating.

The British government explained that a valid order is a full breakfast, lunch or dinner: the Minister of Housing, Communities and Local Government Robert Jenrick specifically noted that one “pasty” (pasty – a traditional small pie with meat or vegetable filling) under the definition a complete meal does not fit.

In this regard, catering establishments are preparing to introduce the so-called “Boris’s menu”, consisting of inexpensive tapas (beer or wine plates), allowing you to sit in pubs and restaurants with alcohol for a long time, writes the Daily Mail.

In Great Britain, after the lockdown, they will go to local restrictions

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