In Lithuania, an explosion occurred on the line of the main gas pipeline

On the evening of Friday, January 13, in the north of Lithuania, in the Pasvalsky district, an explosion occurred on the line of the main gas pipeline. Writes about it TASS, referring to the words of the director of the local administration Povilas Balciunas.

“The fire after the explosion rose to a height of 50 m. According to preliminary data, there were no casualties,” he said.

Residents of Pasvalis are advised to close their windows and not go outside. As of 21:00, the fire at the site was localized. “The incident is localized, the gas supply is shut off. The fire is gradually weakening and should die out, ”commented a representative of the Department of Fire and Rescue Works.

There are currently six fire brigades on site. The police are on duty, an operational headquarters has been created.

In this section, two gas pipeline lines run in parallel, through which gas is supplied to the northern part of Lithuania. On them fuel is transported to Latvia. The second thread is not damaged.

In the city of Lutugino, Lugansk People’s Republic on January 8

More than 13 thousand people were without fuel: an explosion occurred on a gas pipeline in the LPR

The emergency was reported on the evening of Saturday, January 7

“href=” back_264240″>happened gas pipeline fire.

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