In less than two hours, more than 10 billion euros were raised for Ukrainian refugees

International donors, including the Canadian government and the European Commission, today pledged a total of 9.1 billion euros in donations, loans and grants to support refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

An international donor event in Warsaw, Poland, raised 1.8 billion euros to help internally displaced people in Ukraine and 7.3 billion euros for refugees who have fled the country to neighboring countries.

Governments, companies and individuals have pledged a total of 4.1 billion euros in donations, which will be distributed mainly by the Ukrainian authorities or the United Nations.

The remaining 5 billion euros are loans and grants from European Union financial institutions, including 4 billion euros under a program to help accommodate, train and care for refugees arriving in EU countries.

“We are behind you now, either in times of war or for refugees, but most importantly, after this war is won by Ukraine, during the country’s reconstruction,” said EC President Ursula von der Leyen.

The “Support Ukraine” campaign was initiated by the international organization “Global Citizen” with the support of the European Union and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, according to AFP.

Musicians such as Elton John, Alanis Morissette, Billy Elish, Annie Lennox and Chris Rock have joined the campaign side by side with world leaders who have pledged to mobilize billions of dollars in support of Ukrainian refugees on behalf of their countries.

“The world has ultimately promised 9.1 billion euros in the campaign … and the European Commission, in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), has added an additional 1 billion euros to IDPs in Ukraine. This is fantastic. That makes 10.1 billion euros, “Von der Layen said.

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