In Leonding: Alkolenker caused a rear-end collision with four vehicles

An intoxicated 32-year-old could no longer brake in time and hit the vehicle in front – it hit two other cars.

LEONDING. In the village of Hart in Leonding, a rear-end collision occurred yesterday evening (February 19, 2021) around 7 p.m., in which four vehicles were involved. A 32-year-old from the Linz-Land district drove into the car of a 30-year-old from the Linz-Land district that stopped in front of him at km 6.3. As a result, his car was again pushed onto the car of a 30-year-old Linz native. Subsequently, the car was also thrown by the force of the impact against the vehicle of a 29-year-old from Linz. As the Upper Austria police report, two of those involved – the 30-year-old woman and the 30-year-old from Linz – were injured in the traffic accident of an unspecified degree. An alcohol test carried out on the 32-year-old who caused the accident showed an alcohol content of 1.32 per mille. From 7 p.m. to 8:45 p.m., the B139 was in a rear-end collision with four people.

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