In-laws-in-law should stop taking cholesterol drugs, it turns out that every time they eat meat, they always drink a glass of boiled water for this kitchen spice, very powerful!


There are many risk factors that make a person can experience high cholesterol. – The good food around us is mostly high in cholesterol, right?

Call it for example fried foods, meat to various seafood.

But now, you don’t have to worry.

You see, there is a cooking spice that can really reduce cholesterol.

To the extent that you just drink boiled water after eating cholesterol foods.

Come on, let’s take a peek.

Lemongrass Boiled Water for Cholesterol

Reported from doctorshealthpress a 2007 study in the African Journal of Biotechnology found lemongrass oil extract could significantly reduce high cholesterol.

This is because lemongrass has anti-hyperlipidemic and hypercholesterolemic properties.

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