In Kyiv, 2 scenarios for the capture of Crimea were announced

In the second case, it will take up to six months

Crimea will be liberated this year whether or not Ukraine gets long-range missiles and aircraft.

In the second case, the operation to liberate the peninsula will take up to six months. This opinion was expressed by the Ukrainian military expert Roman Svitan in an interview with “UNIAN”.

According to Svitan, “this year we will definitely de-occupy Crimea” and there are two scenarios, both ending with the liberation of the peninsula.

“In the first, we will be provided with long-range weapons of the ATACMS type after we reach the Azov coast (this is also in principle already clear and a fait accompli, one might say).

– Since the thickness of the front is 100 kilometers, we need only a certain amount of equipment to go through it and dissect the interior of the Russian front, the so-called “Zaporozhki Front”.

– And then from the Azov coast, if they give us ATACMS-type long-range weapons (this can be, by the way, aviation with precision bombs, not just missiles), within a month either with missiles or with bombs with aviation 150-70 military sites in Crimea will be destroyed.

– By the way, this is very easy to do. There is practically nothing the Russians can do to cover up Crimea. The Black Sea flotilla, if approached, would be sunk. They will heroically retreat or “advance in the opposite direction”, we have already seen this in Izyum, in Kherson. They have prepared here and will leave,” says Swithan.

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According to the expert, if the necessary military equipment and ammunition are not provided, the operation will drag on for months, but Crimea will still be liberated.

“If we don’t have aviation or long-range weapons, then we will enter Crimea head-on. This is also a small problem. Then the Russian group will be squeezed between two seas – the Black and Azov seas, and will have to get out.

– There will be the same destruction as is happening now in Donbass, but it will take more than half a year. So, within this year we will certainly be in Crimea,” says Svitan.

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