In Kaliningrad, they found about 300 bags of human remains. The discovery is being investigated by investigators World

Moskva In Kaliningrad, Russia’s westernmost island, they found about 300 bags, probably filled with human bones. The finding is being investigated by investigators, the state agency TASS announced.


The bones probably date back to the First World War, when Kaliningrad (formerly Královec) was located in East Prussia as part of Germany and was called Königsberg. The bones were found in Stein’s fortress on the outskirts of the city by its new owner during a search.

Stein was one of the 12 main so-called forts on which the fortifications built in the second half of the 19th century rested. After the war, there was a barracks, later the fortress was used for decades to store vegetables before it was declared a monument.

Investigators believe that the bags of bones were put in place by a company that carried out an archeological survey in the area before the construction work.


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