In Italy, a Ukrainian woman threw herself out of a hospital window


The woman suddenly went to the window and jumped out of it

Italian doctors note that the woman felt good the day before and did not complain about anything.

A 34-year-old Ukrainian woman was killed in Naples, Italy. According to local media reports, the woman jumped out of the hospital’s fourth floor window and died on the spot from her injuries. Details of the tragedy on Monday, August 30, reported in the publication

It is reported that the woman’s body was found late in the evening on August 29 on the street Giovanni Ninni, near the hospital.

It turned out that a few days ago the woman had an operation to remove the cataract. The operation was successful and the patient was admitted to the ophthalmology department for observation.

Doctors said that the Ukrainian woman did not complain about anything.

As her neighbors in the ward said, the day before she behaved calmly and did not observe any signs of mental anxiety, she did not complain to her neighbors in the ward.

“She suddenly went to the window, opened it and jumped down,” the message says.

The Naples police have launched an investigation into the death of a Ukrainian citizen. Interrogation of doctors and other patients is underway.

A search is also underway for the relatives of the deceased. According to the preliminary version of the police, the woman committed suicide. What could be the reason for such a step is being investigated.

Recall in Spain Ukrainian woman died tragically. The woman drowned in the sea.

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