In Israel, thousands of doctors quit because of 26-hour shifts


More than 2,500 doctors quit in protest in Israel

Doctors sent a letter to the minister stating that “exhausted” doctors should not work in hospitals.

More than 2,500 interns in Israel have resigned in protest against the 26-hour shift. About it informs The Times of Israel on Friday 8 October.

The letter to the Minister of Health was signed by 2,590 trainees. The resignations will take effect in two weeks.

“To my regret, we are gathered here on a very sad day that befell Israel, when we are painfully forced to take the plunge and submit applications for the dismissal of more than 2,500 interns,” said Mirshama, head of the medical interns’ organization.

As the Israeli government has pledged that after the completion of a pilot program in ten remote hospitals, the reduction in hours will subsequently extend to all hospitals in the country, but only if the necessary budget can be found and if the committee set up to study the issue does not detect a deterioration in the level of medical care help.

Now the authorities fear that the mass dismissal of medical interns could create problems with the provision of medical care in the country.

Recall that earlier in Israel, the third dose has become mandatory to complete COVID vaccination. Those who have not received the booster dose of the COVID vaccine are prohibited from indoors.

It was also reported that in Israel, schoolchildren were obliged to take COVID tests… In particular, after the end of the Rosh Hashanah holiday, 7,500 Israelis fell ill with the coronavirus, with 59% of the cases being school-aged children.

Third COVID vaccination. Example of Israel

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