IN IMMERSION. Jérôme Bergerot (Grâceoselle TV), Sound, image … and passion

Passionate about sport, he shines in the economy and today focuses on sustainable development and new energies. Journalist, communications expert or master of ceremonies, he easily dons the costume of a licensed manager of time and speech.

Radio passion

Born in Nancy, to a father, professor of Natural Sciences and to a mother, a laboratory assistant at INSERM, Jérôme left without forcing a school and university course, combining letters, philosophy and mathematics. First studious steps, at the Lycée Poincaré, then head to the Faculty of Letters to complete his master’s degree, before embarking, for a few months, in a complementary course, within the Faculty of Law. A sequence as trying, for him, as a marathon on the asphalt or an exhausting trail in the middle of the forest. Head and legs, in harmony … heart at work as soon as he arrived at Radio France Nancy Lorraine: “the ancestor of France Bleu Lorraine Sud”. A particularly successful radio entry to sports, resulting from a strong involvement in community radio stations in the agglomeration “during the heyday of liberated FM”. First on the more or less confidential waves of Grafity, on Sunday evening at Vandeuvre, before resolutely riding a more impactful mount, in the studios of Rocking-Chair, the pioneering free radio of a local PAF “where I go. rub shoulders with the essential Jérôme Antony and Ramzi Malouki, the current correspondent of the Canal + Group on the West Coast of the United States. “Beautiful people for a beginner armed with his passion slung over the shoulder and his keen sense of relevance, both in the subject and in the posture. Placed in orbit of radio waves, from the age of 8, “when I receive my best gift, a brand new transistor”, Jérôme crosses the course of the fixed-term contract, for Radio France, without great difficulty, thus negotiating its future with professionalism and lucidity.

From sound to image

“On the air, I invest myself completely in this mode of expression, the result of my own desire to cross all levels, before knocking definitively on the right door”. A rewarding outing which will soon emerge. Housed in the same building as Radio France, the trays of FR3 Lorraine extend their arms to him. Jérôme lets himself be tempted by some encouraging television tests. “Without any apprehension, with the relaxation of a young journalist passionate about his profession and eager for discoveries”. Confirmed test, conclusive experience, Jérôme Bergerot joined the editorial staff in 1989, quickly joining the decentralized branch of Epinal. Close to the field, this multi-hatted reporter seizes the opportunity of the development of RTL TV, in Lorraine, to subtly slip into the transfer window of new recruits. “New exhilarating adventure, this time in the private sector, with interesting possibilities for progression, starting as an editor, before becoming deputy editor”. Presenting the news, he shares, at the time, the same office as Marylène Bergman, leaving his mark on the antenna, with “Engine”, his favorite show, devoted to the automobile. With the CLT channel downsizing, Jérôme decided to create his information and communication agency, JB Presse. Well negotiated muscular challenge. “I will be working for a while with around ten employees, before throwing in the towel, a few years after the sub-prime crisis. »Difficult episode to live, with the obligation to rework solo, while expanding its activity, to the animation of conventions or seminars. At the same time as this life-saving change, the former local radio host became Mr. football, in the East, for Europe 1, with a few busy seasons: “when Metz, Nancy, Strasbourg, Sochaux and Sedan find themselves in Ligue 1. Week -end well filled ”. Twenty years of loyalty to the legendary radio station of his childhood.

A television for Mosellans

Cleverly diversifying in order to strengthen his potential as clients, the globe trotting radio reporter swaps his microphone for an unexpected tennis racket, ensuring press relations for the Moselle Open for seven years, in the wake of the charismatic Patrice Dominguez. Then regularly making video clips for the Departmental Council of Moselle, Jérôme Bergerot forges close ties with the territorial institution. Fruitful collaboration which naturally led to his recruitment, as Director of local television, rireoselle Télé. For more than a year, the new director of the antenna has strived to forge a more entrenched image, to this medium in search of identity. Strengthening partnerships with the most prominent sports clubs, with the associative and cultural world, and of course with local communities “to make this channel the television for all Moselle residents, also relying on the wealth of production the Via network, which brings together 18 entities, most of them departmental. “. In order to strengthen this local anchoring, the boss of the channel is also playing the card of openness towards regional media. “This is particularly the case with the EBRA Group. We distribute, for example, summaries of Lauriers des Collectivités, Trophées de l’Agriculture and des Ailes de Cristal, organized by the newspapers, as well as the establishment of a special mechanism, with the Republican Lorrain, during of the various elections ”. From radio to television, Jérôme Bergerot’s career continues to grow, to the rhythm of various and varied commitments which make the CEO of Grâceoselle TV a realistic and inspired manager. A man of impulse, he thus draws his energy, perpetually regenerated, from this astonishing capacity for questioning and anticipation.

– Text: Christian MOREL – Photos: Pascal BROCARD

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