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In Guadeloupe, “antivaxis” attack a hospital director and medics

A demonstration against Covid-19 vaccines and restrictions in the fight against the pandemic was organized by the health workers’ union. Its protests have escalated into violence in the past.

The attack took place on Tuesday at the University Hospital Center as police tried to relocate the director and other staff for security purposes.

The hospital said the director had lost consciousness for a moment and protesters had torn off the deputy director general’s clothes and urinated the two.

The deputy director’s car was also damaged, officials said.

The union told the media that its members wanted to recover the wages they had lost after being refused vaccination.

Guadeloupe’s prefect, Alexander Rosate, condemned the attacks on hospital staff and said the government would bring those responsible to justice.

The island of Guadeloupe, with a population of around 400,000, has one of the lowest vaccination coverage rates in France, and many people are opposed to Covid-19 passports, which are required for restaurant, cultural and sporting events and long-distance public transport.

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