In Gironde, Babylone Growers is taking a gamble of growing 6 million salads per year on one hectare

Pon January 1, 2022, in a one-hectare greenhouse, 6 million salads over a year, whatever the weather conditions, without soil, without pesticides, with a minimum of fertilizer, by drastically reducing the water supply and moreover on the site of a wine exploitation in Beychac-et-Caillau, it is the bet made by Taoufik Tahar and his two associates. Their start-up, Babylone Growers, specializes in hydroponics. Soil-less culture on a neutral and inert substrate.

It was in Africa, while at the head of a consulting company for large groups, that Taoufik Tahar heard for the first time about hydroponics. “I had just taken the measure of the real war being waged on this continent by the great world powers to appropriate land and produce food. To avoid this fight, to produce intelligently without pesticides and to cope with the lack of water, hydroponics seemed interesting. Why not embark on this adventure, in France


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