In “Friends”, Monica and Chandler had a message for 2020

FRIENDS – Happy New Year 2020 to everyone (except Ross and Rachel’s daughter). In episode 4 of the last season of the “Friends” series, in 2003, a message to watch in 2020 was recorded. And he didn’t particularly want good things …

“We are in 2020 […] We should be married, but things have gone wrong […] Because of you! ”Lifetime guilt, that’s essentially what Monica and Chandler wanted to offer Emma, ​​Ross and Rachel’s one-year-old daughter, for 2020. The couple, furious at having missed a week weekend for lovers, to celebrate during a missed snack the first birthday of the little girl, sarcasm pours her delicious resentment in front of Ross’s camera, overwhelmed by events.

The wink of the legendary series to this new year, which begins has amused Internet users who have not failed to recall the anecdote …

“Hi Emma, ​​it’s 2020. Are you still napping?”

“Happy new year 2020 Emma!”

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