In Finland, 70% of the population do not support Turkey’s concession to join NATO

Only 14% of respondents believe that Finland should change its law to resolve its dispute with Turkey.

According to the poll, supporters of the populist Finnish party are more willing to make concessions to Turkey, while voters in the Green and Left Alliances are most opposed to Turkey’s demands.

Finland and Sweden have long refrained from joining the alliance, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has radically changed the security situation in Europe, leading to a sharp rise in support for NATO membership among politicians and the public in both countries.

Allies welcome the accession of Finland and Sweden, but Turkey has resisted accusing both countries of sheltering fighters from Kurdish armed groups fighting the Turkish government.

Ankara has also expressed its dissatisfaction that in 2019, when Turkey launched an armed operation against the Syrian Kurds, Stockholm and Helsinki imposed sanctions on arms supplies to the country.

Finland and Sweden have stated their disagreement with Turkey’s allegations and have begun a dialogue with Turkey to overcome obstacles to NATO.

For the time being, however, Turkey does not appear to be ready to change its position, although other NATO members and officials have hoped to reach an agreement before the NATO summit in Madrid this week.

In Finland, support for the country’s membership in NATO has risen to 79%, according to a poll by Helsingin Sanomat.

A poll conducted by Yle in May showed that 76% of respondents support Finland’s accession to NATO.

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