In fact, baby’s skin is 30% thinner! This is how to take care of it – Even though it looks smooth to the naked eye, it turns out that baby’s skin has differences in structure and function. Baby skin is 30 percent thinner than adult skin. Baby’s skin has a smaller, lower skin cell size Natural Moisturizing Factor or skin fat and have less content collagen, melanin or pigment.

In addition, baby’s skin is also very easy to absorb substances attached to its surface. This can cause the baby’s skin to easily experience various disorders such as:

– Dry skin

Absorption on baby skin is faster than adult skin, as well as evaporation. This is what makes it easier for baby’s skin to lose moisture and more prone to dry skin.

Therefore it is necessary for parents to apply soap that is specially designed for babies, and also lotions to lock in the moisture of the little one’s skin.

– Mild allergies

Symptoms include skin that is red, itchy and usually spread over the skin on the face, scalp, elbows and behind the knees.

– Diaper rash

This could be because the diaper is too tight or because of an allergy to certain ingredients in the diaper, laundry detergent, or skin care products.

– Eczema

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