In Europe, the Romanian subsidiary Dacia precedes Renault, its parent company

Considering the volume of Dacia-branded vehicles registered on European soil, Renault is overtaken by its subsidiary. Data for August 2022 hinted at the growth of the basement deal label. The sale of 36,500 Dacia suggests that Europeans preferred the subsidiary to the main brand.

The Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) talks about a sharp decline in the registration market for new vehicles. In this sector with a rate of -12.2%, Dacia, the Renault subsidiary, recorded sales growth of 17.3%. This is a calculation based on statistics from the past eight months.

With this heyday of the Romanian branch, the French parent company was able to count on it to achieve 46% of its sales. The successes of the Dacia brand have even earned it the opportunity to rise to the top of car registrations in Europe. It is therefore ahead of Citroën.

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Dacia is growing faster than its parent company

In August 2022, Dacia was able to generate up to 56% of sales at the Renault dealership. The parent company is in regression as regards the level of marketing of vehicles of its original brand.

The Constructors’ Association published the statistics at the end of the first half of September 2022. These figures show that Renault’s low-cost subsidiary has recently overtaken its parent company. In fact, according to the information recorded up to August 2022, Dacia recorded an increase of 16.8%. However, far from this positive trend, Renault finds itself with a decline of 23%.

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Sales of Dacia cars in Europe exceed those of Renault

Of Romanian origin, the Dacia brand gained momentum in Europe following its acquisition by Renault in 1999. Since then, the number of vehicles sold by the subsidiary has continued to increase. Again according to the ACEA censuses, Dacia was able to register 36,500 vehicles on the European continent, counting the figures for Great Britain, Renault has only registered 28,400 vehicles.

With these sales volumes, the other previously leading brands in Europe have been overtaken by the Romanian company. Compared to Dacia, Citroën and Fiat registered far fewer vehicles in August 2022. These dealers sold 27,800 and 25,200 cars respectively. At the top of the ranking remains only the Peugeot with 40,200 cars registered.

Counting the activities of the last eight months, Renault remains one step ahead of the Romanian brand, with few cars. In this period Europe recorded 362,300 Renault registrations against 306,600 for Dacia. However, Citroën it was completely overtaken by the Romanian manufacturer with about 256,200 registered cars. From now on, Dacia can even afford to declare itself the European leader by counting the vehicles of its brand that are registered there.

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