In Estonia it is planned to increase the average salary of teachers to € 2048 per month / art

However, the minimum employment rate for teachers next year will be lower than required by the union.

In a conversation with the newspaper “Postimees”, the minister said that during next year’s government budget talks held in Vihula Manor last week, discussions have begun on a 15% increase in teachers’ salaries.

“These negotiations began with the finance minister saying that the salaries of teachers, lifeguards, police and cultural workers will increase by at least 15%. For teachers, the increase is much higher,” said Lukas.

He said the goal of teachers is to match teacher salaries with the average salary increase in the country.

The request of the education workers union is to set the minimum wage for a teacher at 1845 euros.

The minister admitted that such a salary increase cannot be granted in next year’s state budget, however, next year, € 106.6 million will be allocated to raise teachers’ salaries, an increase of 23.9%. compared to this year, so the minimum wage for a teacher can be raised to 1,749 euros.

Currently, the minimum teacher salary in Estonia is 1412 euros per month.

As Lukas explained, the allocated funding means that a teacher’s average salary will reach € 2048 per month next year.

On the other hand, from next autumn, the salaries of teachers in East Viru County will have increased faster than the average in the country, in order to facilitate the transition to teaching in Estonian only.

For teaching in Estonian, a coefficient of 1.5 will be set for the salary of teachers in the eastern Viru district and 1.3 for teachers of the kindergarten.

Therefore, if the average salary of a teacher in Estonia is 2,048 euros, a teacher teaching in Estonian will receive 3,000 euros in East Viru county.

To prepare for the transition to Estonian language teaching, it is planned to expand teacher training programs in universities next year and invest in teacher training.

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