In England, even Ronaldo’s Bentley is waiting in line for petrol

Pilots are already truck drivers and say they earn more

In recent weeks, the British have had occasion to recall many of the folk wisdoms that have helped them overcome difficult situations as a nation. One of them is: “We are all in the same boat” and they often use it when they want to emphasize that there will be solidarity and equality, no matter how difficult the challenge they face. And indeed, even Cristiano Ronaldo’s expensive Bentley was photographed how

waits nearly 7 hours

to be loaded

with fuel in


where the Portuguese star now plays. True, it was not the footballer behind the wheel, but his driver, but the very fact that he can’t count on recharging in the second way is quite telling.

However, the battle scenes of long queues for refueling and physical altercation between nervous drivers surprised many analysts. Some compared them to what was happening in the Wild West.

Others spoke of smoldering tensions in British society, which is tired of carefully disguised inequality and a lack of swift and adequate political solutions.

“Panic shopping is usually fueled by uncertainty. Studies conducted during the pandemic showed that the islanders were very worried, but did not realize it. And that means they had reason to start showing increased anxiety and worry, “Catherine Janson-Boyd, a consumer psychology specialist, told CNBC.

According to her, when people are worried and see others lining up in front of gas stations, they instinctively do the same because they are afraid that they may miss the moment and find themselves in a losing position, especially if they are not offered working solutions.

“Just as they bought toilet paper and other basic necessities at the beginning of the pandemic and the store shelves were empty, now it’s the same with fuel.

There were before

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there was no panic


People feel they have to do something, even if it’s unreasonable, because they think that if they don’t act, everything will go wrong. That’s why they go out and buy goods even when they don’t need them, ”says Catherine Janson-Boyd.

In addition, a large proportion of young people in the United Kingdom have never encountered a shortage of goods or fuel in their lives. They are used to the shops sending in abundance, especially in the months before Christmas, to pamper their customers with discounts and advantageous offers such as pay two, get three. Something that can’t be the case at the moment, as most food chains have been experiencing for months.

shortage of goods

due to lack

to drivers,

to deliver them

Frozen foods are most affected, as there was also a shortage of carbon dioxide, which is used in their transportation and storage. The refrigerated display cases in which they are kept are empty in many places. Some stores have been forced to take out their Christmas collections in advance to fill the bare shelves and to lift the mood of their customers.

There are also additional factors that increase the level of anxiety of the islanders. Only in September due to the record rise in gas prices

went bankrupt

9 companies


gas and current

for everyday life. Nearly 2 million households are affected, which have to be switched to other suppliers, but under far less favorable conditions due to higher energy prices.

As of October, aid paid by the British government to keep jobs during the pandemic has also stopped.

Initially, it provided up to 80% of the income of 11.6 million people, and in August and September up to 60% in order to keep their jobs, but it is still expected that about a million will not be able to return to them, because their companies have gone bankrupt or reduced their production.

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According to financial analysts, this is unlikely to lead to high unemployment, as there are currently 1.9 million vacancies, but many people will have to start a new profession or work extra, as their main job is reduced which is also stressful.

And it is very possible that what is offered is far below their capabilities and qualifications. For example, many pilots and flight attendants were forced to work in grocery stores as drivers and vendors during the pandemic after flights were reduced. Musicians and actors did the same after clubs and theaters closed.

Some of them still can’t go back to their original job, and they don’t want to anymore. “I earn more as a truck driver. While working as a jet pilot for a bankrupt Flybe,

I was getting around

30,000 pounds

per year, and now

I take 40,000,

and with fewer hours of work. “There is a serious shortage of truck drivers, wages are constantly rising and I am taking advantage of this,” Aaron Leventhal, 37, told the Daily Mail. He is a former soldier and has received his license to drive a truck in the army. So he didn’t have to take any extra courses, as most people do now, who want to pursue a driving career after being so sought after because

the lack of


from the EU

following Brexit and the pandemic. According to Leventhal, in just one year the pay in his new profession has increased from 9 to 30 pounds per hour and he does not think there will be a change in the opposite direction soon, as the British authorities are adamant that they will no longer allow low-skilled workers in the United Kingdom, and will rely on their own resources.


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