In England, an injured turtle on the rails disrupts rail traffic

An injured turtle on the tracks blocked rail traffic for several hours in east of england Monday August 1, the Great Anglia train company said.

A “giant turtle” on the rails

Due to animals on the tracks at Harling Road (east), the line is blocked and trains passing through this station may be canceled or postponedtweeted at midday Greater Anglia.

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There’s a giant tortoise on the line to Norwich. She’s still alive but hurtwrote on Twitter a passenger, Diane Akers, sharing a photo of the turtle with a visibly open shell.

Also on a blocked train, another Internet user, Anna Debenham, tweeted the information she was given in dribs and drabs: We apologize for the 74 minute delay on this train. It’s due to a turtle on the tracksshe wrote, amazed. Of course I heard. There’s a turtle wreaking havoc on the tracks , she added. The turtle had ventured on the line that connects Cambridge to Norwich, in the east of England.

The animal taken care of by a specialized team

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The large injured turtle has been removed and all lines are now reopenedsaid around 2:30 p.m. (local and GMT) Greater Anglia, stressing that traffic was slowly returning to normal.

Elle was taken to a specialist team for treatment and we were informed that she would recover completelyreassured the train company on the social network.

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