In defense with Nakládala? It was a challenge, says Daloga. Dynamo took it right away

Dalibor luck, ČTK

The team is stuck at the bottom of the table, how did you feel after four matches?

I feel good. We just have to follow certain things, because we run out of matches because of some situations. Unfortunately, we don’t score many goals, which bothers us. Two goals per match is not enough, we need to give three, four … We have a chance.

You lack support for everything. Vondrka is upset, Kousal was expelled from the team after having a positive orientation drug test behind the wheel during a recent police check, according to MfDnes.

I hope that the situation around Kousy will be resolved and he will return. We miss it. It is the first center, a really noticeable loss for the manchaft.

You waited for offers in the summer, you didn’t play, why did you finally nod to Dynamo?

We were briefly solving something in the KHL, but there were problems. Visas and other things … In addition, the club went in a different direction, the team changed. Other negotiations dragged on. With Pardubice it was the fastest and the offer the most specific. I was glad she came from here. I took her right away. I wanted to play already.

Did Sparta call?

Something has been written about it recently. The truth is somewhere in the middle. I don’t want to develop it further.

Despite a six-year hiatus, you came across familiar faces in Pardubice. At that time, Dušan Salfický was catching, how does it feel to see him in a managerial role?

Strange, but he hasn’t changed. He is still a great man, trying to make hockey one hundred percent. Of course the club has a new name and logo, but the other things are quite the same. I also knew some of the guys who took care of the team. I received a few messages from them that they were glad I had come, which pleased me.

In the 2013/2014 season, current players such as Poulíček or compatriot Tybor also joined you. Did you talk to them before you signed Dynamo?

I consulted with Tybys. He called me the night the engagement was being dealt with. Maybe he convinced me. I always got along well with him, we are great friends even outside of hockey.

You had a longer game outage, at least he jumped into one match with his mother Zvolen, with whom you were preparing. However, you did not want to intervene in the match originally.

It is so. I was just training with them, and they came to see me on the morning of the match to see if I could go play. I hesitated, then the coach convinced me at lunch, so I went, but it was hurried, and so weird. In the morning I had a gym, training and then a match …

So far, you have scored four starts for Pardubice, in which you once assisted. How do you feel on the ice?

Pretty good. The break was really long, except for the match for Zvolen, it lasted from the end of February. Of course, training is completely different from a match, but it has improved with each match.

In the defense you start with another seasoned fighter Nakládal, is your cooperation good?

So far, yes, I have to knock. I play well with him. We said things we want from each other. We still discuss everything on the inverter. I was glad they put us together. It was a challenge for me to play with him. I believe that we will help the team where it should be.

Dynamo did not succeed in the last seasons, it saved the extra league twice in the playoffs, but it still had full stands. Are you so annoyed that you can’t play in front of the fans?

It’s the only minus. When I came here from Slovakia eight years ago, I experienced such a backdrop for the first time. It was sold out for almost every match and you play completely differently. Fans can wake up the players here. When it’s bad, they push you and kick you out. They are the sixth player in Pardubice. You feel energy that cannot be replaced. But unfortunately the situation is as it is and we must be glad that we are at least playing.

Are you alone in town?

So far. I have already undergone a covid, I have papers and I can commute to Slovakia. But no girlfriend, we handle tests as it would be … I’m at the hotel. I didn’t even have time to deal with housing. When I arrived, we immediately went to the match in Zlín, it is played every day and I do not want to run. I’d better rest, and when he’s freer, I’ll look for an apartment.


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