In Daugavpils, the Premier League football matches will also take place without the presence of spectators

Latvian Football Federation (LFF) Board, assessing the potential risks and based on the amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers (CM) regulations adopted on October 9 in connection with measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection, has approved the introduction of restrictions on domestic football competitions and training process, LFF reports.

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From October 10, for an indefinite period of time, all youth competitions organized by LFF and the training process of the respective participants take place without the presence of spectators, including parents. Also, taking into account the current situation with the spread of Covid-19, LFF has decided to ban the presence of spectators in amateur competitions, including Latvian 1st, 2nd and 3rd league tournaments, for an indefinite period from October 10.

As determined by changes in the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, in the regions particularly affected by the Covid-19 outbreak – Aizpute in the county, Daugavpils in the city, Daugavpils region, Dundaga region, Kuldiga in the county, Olaines in Talsi region and Talsi region and Kraslava in the region – from October 10 to November 6, the Latvian Youth Championship and amateur competitions, as well as the relevant training process are not allowed. Championship participants representing the respective territories can organize games on neutral pitches or away.

Taking into account the ban on organizing games for young people and amateurs in the mentioned regions, for safety reasons, the LFF has determined that from October 10 to the end of the season, professional competitions or super league championship games will take place in Daugavpils without the presence of spectators.

Due to changes in the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers in the Premier League competitions, the maximum number of spectators is set in the amount of no more than 30% of the fixed number of personalized seats in the stadium and not more than in the Cabinet of Ministers regulations (1000). Spectator parking is prohibited.

Taking into account the above-mentioned restrictions, the sanitary protocol of the competitions organized by LFF will be supplemented accordingly. LFF emphasizes that, by their nature, both the LFF sanitary protocol and the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers are binding on any activities related to organized football, regardless of the LFF’s involvement in the organizational issues of the respective event.

“We are all responsible for complying with national restrictions, both individually and as representatives of a particular segment,” said LFF Secretary General. Edgar Pukinsky. “Both LFF as an organization and clubs, players, coaches and parents of children have a responsibility to the rest of society to help us all deal with it together with our attitude to the current situation. Thank you Ministry of Education and Science for a quick response to the decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers, which also allowed us to quickly prepare for the new conditions, including adjusting the ticket offer for the upcoming Latvian National and U-21 national team games on October 13.

Assessing the overall situation, we also consider it necessary to subordinate LFF decisions, including the further organization of amateur competitions without the presence of spectators, in order to minimize potential future risks. Let us appreciate that football continues to delight us and is in our daily lives even in these uncertain times, and we will realize that we are each responsible for the further development of the situation. “

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