In Darmstadt there is a dispute over the school department

WAs the new Darmstadt coalition of the Greens, CDU and the pan-European Volt party wants to fill the head of the school and digitization department, the Darmstadt SPD decided to put its own candidate to the vote at the city council on Thursday. It is Tanja Pfenning, managing director of the State Parents’ Council Hessen.

“With Tanja Pfenning we want to bring an experienced school specialist to Darmstadt who knows the many challenges faced by schools and families very well,” said the SPD parliamentary group leader Anne Marquardt in a statement. As managing director of the State Parents’ Council, the legal representative of 1.2 million parents, she has shown a passionate commitment to Hesse’s children, young people and parents for many years. For Darmstadt, Pfenning’s willingness to run is “a great opportunity”.

Tender maneuvers

The Social Democrats justified their own candidate by stating that the job advertisement required skills in relation to digitization, but not in matters of school and administration. The partners of the previous coalition, the Greens and the CDU, and above all Mayor Jochen Partsch (The Greens), are only concerned with securing their power with the help of Volt – despite the considerable loss of votes in the local elections. That is why they want to give the newcomers the post of head of school and digitization without insisting on in-depth knowledge and experience in schools and administration. It is correct that the coalition has agreed to consider Volt with a full-time magistrate post – a common practice when parties form an alliance. Tim Huss, chairman of the Darmstadt SPD, sees Partsch’s attempt to abuse the school and digitization department as a maneuvering mass. He does not trust Volt to present a suitable candidate. When asked, Partsch had pointed out that the education authority was the main vigilant of the educational quality. The pandemic had shown that digitization had to be accelerated faster, especially in schools. Therefore, the focus of the tender was placed on digitization.



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