In Crimea, they announced a sharp filling of reservoirs


In Crimea, water supplies have increased dramatically

Reservoirs in Simferopol were filled by 9 million cubic meters, Sevastopol – by 17 million cubic meters, Yalta – by 15 million cubic meters.

Water reserves of Crimea in June increased by 50 million cubic meters. m – this is the same as it was possible to collect from January to May. This was due to the pouring rain. On Thursday, July 1, reports Interfax with reference to the head of the department of water supply, sewerage and sanitary engineering of the Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, Ilya Nikolenko.

“Since January-February, we received more than 100 million cubic meters of water. Basically, this is the water that feeds Simferopol, Sevastopol, the southern coast, Alushta. Characteristically, in June we received half of this water – 50 million cubic meters. 10 million of these 50 million we received it within three days, “Nikolenko said.

According to his calculations, the reservoirs that feed Simferopol were filled by 9 million cubic meters, Sevastopol – by 17 million cubic meters, Yalta and surrounding villages – by 15 million cubic meters.

“The numbers should still be compared with what happened last year. The difference is quite large with last year’s figures,” Nikolenko added.

He also said that “the Izobilnenskoe reservoir began to replenish with confidence”, which feeds Alushta, “tributaries have begun.”

“We have reached almost half of the filling of this reservoir,” said the head of the water supply department.

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We will remind, on June 18 in Crimea at the Ai-Petri meteorological station per day a record amount of precipitation fell – 295 mm, which is equal to three monthly rates. Powerful downpours flooded Yalta and Kerch. 40 people were injured, one was killed. The flood affected Feodosia, Leninsky and Kirovsky regions of Crimea.

Later it became known that Yalta has accumulated an annual supply of water thanks to the rains.

The readiness of the dam on the Crimean Canal has become known

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