In Crimea, a naked woman attacked the security forces

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Naked drunk woman attacked the cops

A drunken Muscovite attacked the cops who stopped the car of her ex-husband and bit one of them. As a result, the police bought her a bathrobe.

Security officials in Crimea detained two tourists from Moscow, while one of them, a naked woman, attacked a police squad in the street. The cops had to buy the detained clothes for their money. This was announced on Tuesday, August 31, by the press service of the so-called “Ministry of Internal Affairs of Crimea”.

According to the department, traffic police officers stopped a car driven by a drunk driver. While drawing up the protocols, he insulted the police, disobeyed, and also tried to hide. He was detained on the spot.

“At this time, a naked woman ran up to the police alongside – as it turned out, the driver’s ex-wife. In appearance, she was also in a state of intoxication, behaved obscenely, using obscene language against the representatives of the law, and also inflicted several blows on one of the officers. The police officers bought her a dressing gown and took the offenders – ex-spouses, residents of Moscow born in 1977 and 1976 – to the police department for investigation, ”the statement says.

Administrative reports were drawn up on the detainees for disobedience to police officers and petty hooliganism. In court, the former spouses pleaded guilty, explaining their behavior by the fact that they were in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

They were fined, and the man, in addition, was brought to administrative responsibility, the car was placed in a special parking lot.

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Telegram channel Raging World published a video, apparently, of the same incident. It also claims that a drunk woman bit one of the cops.

It was previously reported that in Florida, a naked woman smashed a bar… To detain the violent violator of the order, law enforcement officers had to use a stun gun.

Before that completely nude woman attacked TV presenter show Access Direct on the air of the Romanian channel Antena1.

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