Rapper Booba scored a procedural victory in his conflict with influencer high priestess Magali Berdah with the Marseille court retracting her request to close an Instagram account of the artist, according to an order consulted on Tuesday. by the AFP. But this victory is purely formal, the rapper’s Instagram account @ OKLM remains closed.

On May 30, the Marseille court ordered the closure of the rapper’s Instagram account, at the request of Berdah who accused Elie Yaffa (aka Booba) of harassment on social networks. The latter had promptly opened a new Instagram account (“@eliyaffaofficiel”) and appealed to the judge in the council chamber. On 1 June the Marseille justice had issued a similar order concerning the Twitter account of the interested party (@booba ). This account is still open.

“Irregular legal basis”

In its interim order on Monday, the court acknowledged that its initial decision had been made “on an irregular legal basis and must therefore be withdrawn”. However, he declared himself “incompetent” regarding a possible account restoration, requested by the rapper’s defense.

This is “a purely procedural point”, underlined Meta, the parent company of Instagram, to AFP, recalling that the decision to deactivate Booba’s account “was taken in application” of internal rules of Instagram, following the user reports and court order, “but not at the request” of Berdah.

Booba happy with the decision

“You have lost Magali, and you will lose on everything else”, however, reacted on Twitter the rapper, engaged for several months in a legal and media conflict with Magali Berdah, boss of Shauna Events, one of the main influencer agencies in France.

In early September, justice opened an investigation into “deceptive business practices” against Shauna Events, following a complaint filed by the rapper. For his part, Magali Berdah has obtained the opening of an investigation against Booba. From 1 June it is open to the National Pole for the fight against online hatred (PNLH) of the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office, in particular for death threats, harassment by electronic communication and public insults on grounds of origin and sex.

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