In China, the wave washed away people in the sea, 10 dead


The incident was dealt with by the police

A powerful wave washed away the local residents having a rest on the beach into the sea. Six people were saved, 10 were killed.

In the area of ​​Zhangzhou city in Fujian province in eastern China, a strong wave washed a group of local residents into the sea. In total, the wave carried away 17 people, reports Xinhua.

Six people were saved. 10 were killed, one person is missing. His search continues.

All the victims were relaxing on the beach.

The details of the incident are being investigated by the police.

As previously reported, the Russian model died in Sardinia… She drowned when a wave hit her boat.

We add, in China the bride died during a wedding photo session. She and two other people were covered by a wave and washed into the water.

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