In China, downpours flooded subway tunnel, killed 12

Photo: Still from video

China subway flood

Over the past 24 hours, the city of Zhengzhou received from 250 to 329 mm of precipitation, while in the region – from 50 to 90 mm.

In China’s Zhengzhou, the largest city in Henan province, heavy rains on Tuesday, July 20, flooded the subway. As a result, 12 passengers were killed, five more were injured, informs TV channel CGTN with reference to the data of the authorities.

Rainwater reportedly collected in a parking lot above one of the metro lines, after which it entered the tunnel and flooded the tracks. After the metro line was de-energized, the metro administration began evacuating.

It was possible to get about 500 people out of the tunnel.

“It was not possible to help 12 passengers, they died. Five people were injured and were hospitalized,” the authorities said.

According to the TV channel, over the past 24 hours, from 250 to 329 mm of precipitation fell in Zhengzhou, while in the province – from 50 to 90 mm. Experts predict another 260 mm of precipitation will fall during Wednesday.

ATTENTION! Photos and videos contain scenes of death and are not recommended for viewing by persons under 16 years of age, pregnant women and people with a weak mentality

We will remind, on July 19, Kiev was covered with a powerful storm with a thunderstorm. Due to bad weather two metro stations in the capital were flooded.

Like after the war. Flood in Europe claimed hundreds of lives

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