In Chartres, objective 7% less waste, by 2026

The challenge is daunting: to reduce household and similar waste by 7% from 2019 to 2026.

Today, the trash of a resident of the agglomeration weighs an average of 580 kg per year. In 2026, this weight should be 540 kg per year, according to the new local program for the prevention of household and similar waste.

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This is the objective of Chartres Métropole which has opened, since Monday, a public consultation which should help the city, its communities, its businesses and its inhabitants to reduce its production of waste. The city is particularly targeting the reduction of food waste and packaging in the Chartrains bins.

A reduction of 40 kg per inhabitant by 2026, or almost 24,000 tonnes of waste, awaits citizens.

Appeal to the ideas of the inhabitants

Avoid plastic waste, over-packaging and individual packaging, respect recycling, go for bulk or homemade products… All ideas are good to take to put the city’s garbage cans on a diet and opt for the zero waste.

The inhabitants of Chartres agglomeration have until February 20 to respond to the public consultation, by going to the website of the City of Chartres or by sending their recommendation by mail.

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At the end, Annick Lhermitte, Vice-President of Chartres Métropole in charge of Waste Collection, Treatment and Recovery, will produce a summary of the various recommendations, to present them to the Community Council.

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