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In early December, the current quarantine will be canceled, but a three-tier system of restrictions will be introduced, which will be more stringent. It will be canceled for a few days during the Christmas holidays.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce a new “winter plan” to combat coronavirus infection in the coming days, which implies the short-term lifting of the country’s restrictions on Christmas holidays. About it report The Times, citing a source close to the government, Financial Times and other British media.

According to the publication, Johnson will announce the termination of the current lockdown from December 2. However, a more stringent three-tier system of restrictions will be introduced in England, which was in effect in the country until November 5. It will be suspended for a period of three to five days on Christmas Day (December 25), and then resume again from January to March. The prime minister’s plan is to get back to normal by Easter.

Specific dates for Christmas cancellation of quarantine measures are still being discussed by the government with the authorities of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as many families are going to visit these parts of the United Kingdom for the holidays.

UK imposed restrictions due to COVID-19 situation

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The three-level system of restrictions implies several bans at once, which in the new edition will be somewhat toughened. In particular, in areas where the second or third level of danger of the spread of coronavirus will be declared, members of different families will be prohibited from gathering in the same room. The government also intends to introduce “COVID-passports” for those who have been vaccinated. This document will allow you to more freely communicate and move around the country.


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