In Brest, the business lawyer turns into a Gazelle – Brest

At the beginning of March 2023, Laëtitia Le Bot will embark with the Bresto-Parisian Élise Caroff for Morocco and eight days of off-road racing in the dunes, with only a compass and a compass as navigation instruments. Their vehicle, a Jeep Sahara, is currently waiting in a parking lot at the commercial port of Brest to receive the logos of the 19 challenge partners.

On the trunk of the spare wheel, a Bécassine on the back of a camel is drawn between the Recouvrance bridge and the cable car, symbols of adventure and attachment to Brest. But why Bécassine? “Because Élise is my cousin!” laughs Laëtitia Le Bot, who designed the logo herself.

“Bécassine has always followed me”

But Bécassine is also present at the front of the vehicle, in the form of a doll who has always followed the adventurer. “Never washed! », Presents Laëtitia. “I am a child of the DDASS, placed at birth, adopted at six months. So this little doll has been following me all the time,” she says.

A delicate departure which did not prevent the lawyer from leading a brilliant career, until joining « Place 5 » at the commercial port, the first structure in France to bring together, on the same platform, a business law firm with complementary services: accounting expertise, asset management, recruitment and business management. “I had to fight to prove that it in no way interfered with professional secrecy”.

The idea is to make beautiful encounters, see magnificent landscapes. And I think, as the Bâtonnière de Paris told me, that I will practice differently on my return

At 46, she evokes the “need for a break”, in the career, “to do something really for me”. And as long as it takes, which would be the opposite of his professional daily life, where “I spend my time chasing after time”. So what to do? “I love driving, and I had watched with a form of admiration what two Brestoises, Anne-Sophie Mévellec and Sophie Rolland, had done five years ago: the Rallye des Gazelles”.

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Write everything back

Here, there is no question of racing against the clock: “But to cover the shortest possible distance between point A and point B, Tangier and Essaouira. Without technology, with values ​​of solidarity. It suits me well “. Banco, therefore, even if the Brestoise admits not knowing anything about mechanics or routing (“I don’t even know how to raise an oil level”), being afraid of spiders and small animals and fearing the nights under the canvas. “We’re going to ch…”.

However, Laëtitia is not leaving with a grain of salt: for a year and a half, the date of her decision, she has been working with a physical trainer on the tonicity and resistance to permanent shocks that the dunes promise. Not sure that this is enough to win, in Essaouira, so as to donate possible gains to a local association that remains to be chosen. ” But it does not matter. The idea is above all to make beautiful encounters, to see magnificent landscapes. And I think, as the president of Paris told me, that I will exercise differently on my return.

The lawyer has already made a promise to herself, for this return: to finally embark on the writing of a book, which would tell the intimate reasons which pushed her to make this crazy adventure, and finally tell the sacred journey of a very modern Bécassine.

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