In Bosnia, turned the VAZ-2121 into a hearse – the network laughs

“The last way – with the howling of the transfer case,” – motorists are funny.

VAZ-2121 widely distributed not only in Russia, but also in European countries. So, on the eve of the network showed elongated “Niva”which the craftsman from Bosnia and Herzegovina turned into hearse.

The car’s wheelbase was increased in such a way that a coffin was placed in the cargo compartment. The compartment itself was redone and upholstered with aluminum plates.

As a result, Niva managed to lengthen by a whole meter, while all-wheel drive was preserved. “The last way — with the howling of the transfer case,” netizens write.

As if it were not black, but motorists began to laugh in the comments: “On such a hearse really shakes the whole soul until you reach the cemetery”, “Death of the jeep” should be called ”,“ And if you recall the level of safety in a collision, then the words “Niva Hearse “gain one more meaning.”

There were also those who liked the rework of the VAZ-2121: “Every time I look at the Niva, I wonder how the basin could make such a harmonious and timeless design”, “Such, if only one more axis were added …”.

Recall VAZ-2121, aka Niva – a Soviet and Russian cross-country vehicle with a load-bearing body. The SUV is produced by the Volga Automobile Plant from 1977 to the present day.



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