In August, the banks’ profit exceeded PLN 9 billion

The net profit of the banking sector amounted to PLN 9.04 billion in January-August 2021 and increased by 60% y / y – it announced on Wednesday NBP. After July this year the net profit of the sector amounted to PLN 7.68 billion.

Interest income in the period of eight months of this year. amounted to PLN 32.02 billion (decrease by 19.8% y / y), and interest costs – PLN 2.57 billion (decrease by 67.4% y / y).

Fee and commission income up

Fee and commission income in this period increased by 13.2% y / y to PLN 14.27 billion, while the costs of fees and commissions increased by 0.9% y / y to PLN 3.12 billion – transferred in the message.

Administrative costs in January-August this year. decreased by 1% y / y to PLN 23.27 billion.

Impairment or reversal of impairment on financial assets not measured at fair value with the effect of measurement carried over to the profit and loss account (write-offs) amounted to PLN 4.13 billion in the period January-August 2021 (decrease by 49.1% y / y) ), The central bank reported.

Banking data and reports

The statement on Wednesday explained that “the presented breakdowns contain aggregated banking sector data based on individual reports of banks and branches of credit institutions”.

“Starting from the data for January 2018, the financial data of banks and branches of credit institutions have been presented in a new layout, resulting from the modification of the FINREP unit reporting package (FINPL), including the entry into force of the new international financial reporting standard (IFRS9)” – he informed NBP.

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